Visualizing statistical distributions with javascript

For the past few years, I’ve been developing and using a library I created that allows me to easily generate visualizations of statistical distributions for teaching. One can specify a distribution along with a parametrization, and the library sees it and generates a table containing all the distributions, which gives links to interactive plots that allow anyone to see how changing the parameters affects the distribution. In addition, clicking on the plot allows finding areas under the distribution. Users can switch between PDF and CDF views. I’ve now opened the code on github.

You can also link directly to a visualization using URL parameters. For instance:,150&rangesLo=50,3&rangesHi=150,45&starts=100,15

See the live demo and the github repository for more details.

Example screenshots:

3 thoughts on “Visualizing statistical distributions with javascript

  1. This is indeed great! BTW, I'm sure you are aware of this, but Wolfram's Mathematica (using Manipulate and their vast library of distribution functions) also offers this functionality, with the option of 3D plots as well.

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